Monday, October 4, 2010

Dental Hygiene Cover Letter For Recent Graduate

This was the 7th Rabe Autumn:

Our dear Ralf the Raven, it did not take even this year on the famous Rabensteiner Autumn Castle Rabenstein Raben to organize Fläming. He spared no effort or cost to make a really extraordinarily successful MA-market with wonderful actors on their feet. were in the castle above on 25 + 09/26/2010 open for young and old from far and near the gates.
Unfortunately, the sky opened its doors .......... :-(

War Friday as the arrival, deployment and the "celebration" day or a really good, it gave all of Saturday - only rarely interrupted -.
Des Nightly duration drizzle then, from Saturday to Sunday, there was - . - also on Sunday largely sustained downpour storm duration :-(((

Sun sank including the camp that night in the Pleissenritter 10 cm deep in the water ....
You watch:
way: Before the time saw it Cloudburst ! actually Mani from

;-) You look:

But enough of the whining ;-)

Ralf the Raven, you read it probably had to offer Allerley
!. Than when the individuals were:

The Rabenbrüder

Ralf the Raven



Kelvin Kalvus

Totus Floreo


course ( * fg *) us - and so the Pleissenritter


lot of artisans (eg, potters, carvers, wood turners, Sarwürker, blacksmith, etc.), shops (including revisions clothes, toys, tools, leather goods, jewelry, skins etc., etc.),
a field camp of the Knights Templar, a large ground-
shooting bow
a camp further Ritter (Hail seiet us Brotherhood of Bullengraben )
Normans and early-Mis ;-) (a warm greeting to our dear Hagen, Andrea and the others),
many worthy pubs and food-host (our dear and the dear Uwe Naseweis us were hugging),
ax and knife throwing,
and ....

And that's also nice that other friends were there:

Ignis Fatuus

Godemar of Walwitz Ritter and his wife Birgit

and, and, and ....

After a long preface now some pictures that show you that - despite Rain - was great simple:

The atmosphere was good, that with and for each other did the rest and there was some experience, which deserves the title "absolutely outrageous"!

even more and much better Images can be found at our dear friends
TOTUS Floreo
and that there:

Rabensteiner AUTUMN 2010

Sincerely than the Eure -
Mauritzius de Baernfelsis,

princeps regni - Comes Sacrum Imperium Romanum

et Magister Principale de Milites sanctum Georgium

et Legatus Imperii


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